The best Minecraft survival servers 2022

From The Mining Dead to Mineplex, these are  The Very Best Minecraft Servers  to scratch your itch . A Minecraft personality on an equine brandishing a helmet

Since its launch completely back in 2011, Minecraft has actually turned into one of the most preferred games on the planet. This popularity has actually gotten to new heights over the last few years, as a result of a a great deal of gamers going back to the video game in the middle of global pandemic-induced lockdowns. Minecraft is a video game that has limitless possibilities, as well as, since you are not entirely limited to your own Minecraft island, there are countless quantities of player-created servers, including Minecraft survival servers, for you to check out.

These servers can vary in playstyle, but one of the most prominent classifications is Minecraft Survival servers. This is due to the fact that they provide delicately woven worlds that are tough to range and also much more challenging to conquer.

Finding the best world for you, nevertheless, can be complicated. Each server has various globes, different peculiarities, as well as various risks. Have no concern though– we have actually got the run-through of the best Minecraft survival servers right here for you.

Starting off our checklist on a high note, we feature one of one of the most well-known names within the Minecraft survival server list. Hypixel was originally started back in 2013 as well as has given that turned into one of the globe’s largest Minecraft servers.

The Hypixel server also includes some original video games, rather than the standard Bedwars and also Skyblock mini-games we are mosting likely to touch on later on. Huge Walla as well as Blitz Survival are just several of the video games that gamers can take a look at while adventuring within this fantastic server.

Among Mineplex’s intricate maps

It is difficult not to create a top survival server list for 2021 and also not include the globe’s most popular server, and this, of course, is Mineplex. This server has an adequate quantity of games for players to take a look at, as well as it is really difficult to find yourself questioning what video game to look into next off.

Gamers have the ability to battle it out with other players, or they can take a look at Mineplex’s recreation of the traditional Mario Kart title in the form of Minekart. Mineplex is just one of the most effective servers we have ever before seen, and we can only think the server is mosting likely to remain to grow as the year’s development down the line.

Coming in next is one of the servers that includes a sufficient amount of mini-games such as Skyblock, Factions, and Prison. Mineville uses every one of these mini-games along with other attributes such as:

  • Custom Enchantments
  • Player Levels
  • mcMMO
  • Jobs
  • Marriage
  • Coin Flips
  • PvP Arenas
  • Crates, Ranks, Sell Chests, Trench Tools, & more
  • Ancient Trials
  • Races

There is a lot to do within this server, and also the community behind the Mineville server is one of one of the most encouraging ones around.

Another classic Minecraft survival server is the next entrance on our listing, Herobrine is also one of the longest-running servers, as well as this in large component as a result of the impressive games and interest to detail within the server

The server offers some of the traditional mini-games you could anticipate out of a Minecraft survival server, but they additionally offer one of the most effective Bed Battles models we have actually seen thus far.

A survivor’s base in The Mining Dead Minecraft server.

Straying far from the typical Minecraft survival servers, The Mining Dead is one that takes motivation from the famous TV show, The Strolling Dead. Set in an apocalypse design globe, the major objective within this server is to just make it through.

Beginning with absolutely nothing in your stock, you have to stroll around the desolate city to attempt as well as gather as lots of sources as you can in order to repel the zombies.

So, that’s it for our finest Minecraft survival servers listing. Make certain to examine back soon, nonetheless, as we’ll continue to update this listing as more servers appear. If you’re looking for various other servers to sign up with, you can check out PCGamesN’s ideal Minecraft servers guide.